August 2, 2017

SERENA (F65820) Modern Table Lamp by Patricia Urquiola, Price: $595.00

Flos - Serena Table Lamp

Shaped after the Pistil, the female reproductive stem or stalk part of a flower. Flowers are beautiful, cheery, romantic, and a bit complicated! This collection of LED table lamps is characterized by rounded oval leaf-shaped light diffusers, in which the light source evokes the pistil of a flower as found in nature. Flos Serena lights are beautiful table lamps available in 3 uniquely attractive color finishes: copper, aluminium and black. At first glance, Serena appears to be in motion—it is a leaf blown by a gentle breeze.

 Serena is dancing through a current of wind. Inspired by the simple beauty of nature, this piece features a dynamic reflector that can be directed to obtain an intense, precisely reflected light. The structure of the lighting body reduces the LED source’s visual impact, providing the user with a level of comfort that belies the design’s superior technology. 

 The power cord measures 200 centimeters, and a dimmer switch provides ON-OFF functions and 10-100% light adjustment. The plug-in power supply includes interchangeable plugs. The Serena is an adjustable lamp that provides indirect and reflected light. It features an extruded aluminum heat sink, photoengraved black polycarbonate (PC) cut-off, and a photoengraved optical Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) diffuser. The reflector is sheared and folded pre-anodized aluminum. SERENA (F65820) Modern Table Lamp by Patricia Urquiola, Priced at $595.00

Coming in warm copper, classic black or shiny aluminium, the lampshade reflects the upcoming light and spreads it gently into the room. This allows to lighten especially dark rooms without dazzling and to create a cosy room atmosphere. Details Power supply unit with plug and interchangeable connectors: EU / US / GB / SA Material Aluminium, polycarbonate Colour Copper Dimensions Height: 63.4 cm, Depth: 7.8 cm, Length: 7.8 cm, Diameter: 26.8 cm Weight 1.25 kg (without packaging) Power plug type Plug Type C (CEE 7/16, Euro plug) - Used in: Europe, with the exception of the UK, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta. Please check, if you need an adapter for your country! Light distribution Indirect and reflecting Safety class III Protection class IP 20 Cable length 200 cm Voltage 230V/50Hz Dimmable Via dimmer at cable This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps of the class A++ to A (Energy efficiency classes: from A++ (very efficient) to E (less efficient)) Note: The LED bulbs can not be replaced. Maximum power 13 Watt Luminous flux 1100 lm/ Lumen Luminous color, color temperature 2700 K, warm white Part No. 140708 EAN 4250298776293 Design Patricia Urquiola.

October 30, 2016

1950s FJ Clock (Teak Wood) by Finn Juhl

1950s FJ Clock (Teak Wood) by Finn Juhl

Danish Mid Century Wooden Wall Clock in a Scandinavian Modern Style by Finn Juhl for Architectmade on sale at Stardust for $995.00. Finn Juhl was born in 1912. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He is one of the most acclaimed Danish architects from the 1950’s. He is known for his bold, sculptural forms and ultra-refined detailing. Although Finn Juhl was never a skilled craftsman like many of his colleagues in the 1950’s and 60’s, he made up for it in vision. His saying was “One cannot create happiness with beautiful objects, but one can ruin quite a lot of happi- ness with bad ones,” which summarizes the mind of Finn Juhl and his aesthetic thinking.

The FJ Clock was originally designed as a part of the interior of the Trustee- ship Council in the UN building in New York in 1950 - One of Finn Juhl’s most famous and internationally recognized interior design projects. The FJ Clock is still hanging at the top right-hand side in the building facing the participants in meetings in the chamber like a sundial. The FJ Clock by ARCHITECTMADE is half the size of the clock in the UN building to fit into modern homes.
FJ Clock by Finn Juhl

The FJ Clock captures the essence of Finn Juhl’s aesthetic design, with its circular shape that complements the natural qualities of the teak wood, and the aluminium dial that captures his flair for clever minimalism.

How to take care of your FJ Clock: The clock is made in the highest quality certified teak wood and treated with teak oil. As with any other wood products the wood can dry out. To maintain the clock, use a soft sponge or cloth with mild soapy water. Once the clock is dry, apply the teak oil.

· Designed for the Trusteeship Council in the UN building in New York in 1950. · Numbered and signed in the back. · Made in original and certified Tectona Grandis teak wood. · Hands and dials made in polished aluminium. · Japanese clock movement
FJ Clock by Finn Juhl

October 2, 2016

PAUSANIA™ Artemide Library Desk Lamp w. Emerald Green Shade

This is a re-issue of the classic Pausania Table Lamp from Artemide. Originally designed by Ettore Sottsass this updated version features new LED technology. With a distinctive Memphis take on the classic bankers lamp Pausania has a methacrylate green diffuser and black resin base, with LED source included. Designer : Ettore Sottsass Year of Design : 1983/2016 Material : Methacrylate green diffuser, black resin base Dimensions : H: 43cm; W: 48cm LED total power : 10W - 2700-6500K, 900lm.

PAUSANIA™ Artemide Library Desk Lamp w. Emerald Green Shade

This Artemide LED re-edition of the 1983 classic "Bankers or Library Lamp" by Memphis-design godfather Ettore Sottsass features variable white light, a black resin body, green synthetic diffuser and aluminum.

SUPERLOON™ Tripod (LED) Floor Lamp - Price: $4,185.00 - All Colors

Lighting: Superloon by Jasper Morrison for Flos (Price: $4,185.00 for sale from Stardust). Adjustable LED panel light, available in black, white and chrome. An ode to the moon, this flat disc lighting system rotates 360 degrees for warm ambient radiance that can be adjusted with a dimmer.

Superloon Floor Light / Jasper Morrison for Flos Superloon by Jasper Morrison coming soon. Superloon is EDIDA (ELLE Deco International Design Awards) award winner 2016 in the lighting category: Inspired by the moon. Superloon appears as an impressive flat disc of light using edge-lit LED technology, placed on a tripod and rotating through 360 degrees. Ideal as ambient light or a reading lamp, the intensity and colour temperature of the Superloon can be controlled using the optical sensor located on one of the legs of the tripod base. The change in colour temperature through the dimming range is achieved through the 'Warm Tone Dimming'. Superloon will be available in black, white or chrome finishing.

Known for thinking outside the box, Jasper Morrison is one of the most successful industrial designers of the past few decades. Together with his colleague Naoto Fukasawa, he defined the term 'super normal', which in his opinion answers the question of what 'good design' should really be. In his work, he strives to create good examples of understated, useful and responsible design. Morrison has developed several projects in collaboration with Vitra, including the Basel Chair, the Place Sofa and the HAL chair family. His designs are represented in New York's Museum of Modern Art and other prominent museum collections around the world. Superloon Large Floor Lamp - Flat Round Disc Shape - Jasper Morrison Flos SUPERLOON 77.6", Aluminum Tripod LED Lamps with Adjustable Shade Aluminum Base: Chrome, White or Black