Verner Panton Design

Verner Panton Mira-X "Wave" image credit
Verner Panton Design

Verner Panton's unique lighting designs display astounding qualities that attract attention everywhere. The beautiful pattern of the Panton Onion Lamp was inspired by Verner Panton's Onion textile design pattern for Mira-X; a further development of Verner Panton's Spectrum (Wave) textile design from 1969 (see above).  With the design of Onion, Verner Panton designed a pattern that mimics the natural design of an onion bulb with its layered composition.  The Verner Panton Onion Lamp, available from Stardust Modern Design, comes in multiple sizes as well as four different colors: white, silver, copper or brass.

Verner Panton designed the Onion Lamp in 1977 for Yamagiwa in Japan. The original Onion Lamp was never sold outside Japan and the first editions fetch handsome prices at galleries and auction houses. Yamagiwa ceased production in the early 1990s and the license was transferred to Verpan which finally made the lamp available again with the original finishes Verner Panton had in mind when he designed this lamp. The Verner Panton Onion Lamp is made with strips of bent metal that hide the bulb while also acting as reflectors to softly diffuse light around the room. An object cannot become a design icon until it has stood the test of time and appears quite naturally in different settings, giving it a symbolic aura of its own. The Panton Onion Lamp has done just that. Of all the lamps Verner Panton designed, Onion stands out as some of the most elegant and memorable designs. Verner Panton Onion's simplicity and coolness proves to be of lasting value.

Verner Panton Mira-X Velour Fabric "Onion" image credit
Verner Panton Design

Verner Panton (1926-1998) - playful, unpredictable and creative genius - was dubbed the enfant terrible of Danish design. More than anyone else, he was able to translate the aspirations of his time in introducing the pop aesthetic in interior decoration. We owe many pieces of furniture and fixtures shapes and bold colors, including some icons of design as the Panton chair, Panthella lamp, Flower Pot and others.

To give you a better impression of the available finishes and dimensions of the Verner Panton Onion Lamp, we have uploaded several images.  Let's start with the White Onion Lamp which is the original finish of the Onion Lamp made by Yamagiwa.

Onion Lamp by Verner Panton in White

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