Onsen Hot Spring Japanese Bath Stool in Hinoki Wood - Japanese Stool

Nothing says "Japan" more than Onsens. A Japanese Onsen (Bath House) reflects a simpler and relaxed way of life. Our new Hinoki Onsen Stools are in! This classic Japanese Onsen Bath Stool is crafted by hand in the picturesque town of Mie, Japan.  Traditionally used in Japan for Onsen baths, this compact sized (10 3/4"l x 6 3/4"w x 9 1/4"h) yet exceptional bath stool is crafted from natural Japanese Hinoki wood. Hinoki, or Japanese cypress, has long been prized for its natural antibacterial agents and its resistance to humidity. Both make it ideal for bathing accessories. The highly therapeutic wood contains minerals and essential oils traditionally used in Japan to treat skin irritations and reduce stress. This Hinoki hot spring onsen bath stool seats you comfortably for personal care. Hinoki (Japanese cypress) is grown in Japan under strict control. Since WW II, over 1 million acres of new forest have been planted and legislation regulates the sustainable harvest of this precious resource. All of the Hinoki products that we sell are made from 100% by-product wood that results from the thinning of forests which is required to maintain healthy growth.  Its compact size takes up a minimum amount of space as intended.  Creates a spa at home with the Japanese Onsen Bath Stool.  Made in Japan.

Made completely in the traditional way, our high quality 'Ofuro-Isu' or Japanese Bath Stool is made of real fragrant 'Kiso Hinoki' Cypress Wood.  Made completely in the traditional way, this high quality 'Ofuro-Isu' or Japanese Bath Stool is made of real fragrant 'Kiso Hinoki' Cypress Wood.  This stool is traditionally used in Japan: one sits on it while washing outside the bath tub.  These Onsen Stools are hand-made for us in the picturesque village of Mie, nestled in the mountains of Honshu Island in Japan.  Mie is famous for its fine Hinoki and Sawara Cypress wood and most of the finest bath accessories come from this tiny village.  Hinoki and Sawara Cypress are waterproof and resistant to rot and give off the most wonderful fragrance when wet.  The oils in the sap (see close-up) are said to be excellent for the skin.  Traditionally, this wood was used to make the bath tub itself but these are considered an extravagant luxury now as they are extremely expensive.  These solid wooden stools are of the exact same type used at many fine Hot Spring 'Onsen' resorts all over Japan.  Beautifully made by expert craftsmen, they will last for many years.  The Japanese Onsen Stool is available from Stardust with Free Shipping and a Low Price Guarantee