Cerruti Baleri Italian Designer Apple Poufs (Green + Red)

Cerruti Baleri Italian Designer Apple Poufs (Green + Red). You have probably seen the Cerruti Baleria Italia poufs at the Apple stores since all new Apple stores are gradually being outfitted with them including the one on 5th Avenue in New York, the Apple store in Tokyo and the new Apple store in Hong Kong.  Design purveyor Stardust is now introducing the classic pouf in a new jacket, an Apple of all things as a token of appreciation for Apple's commitment to good design. 

 Above: the original Cerruti Baleri poufs from Stardust at the Apple Store on 5th Avenue New York.

These seriously wicked new Apple Poufs are available in either green or red; they do look delicious! Would you believe that this is an actual pouf? The apple is a metaphor of temptation and risk, surely it must be a better idea to use it as a seat rather than to take a bite from it. At first glance this looks like a tasty green apple, but a closer look reveals it to be fashion designer Maurizio Galante's apple-printed collection for the Italian furniture line Cerruti Baleri. In Italy, fashion has always been considered art and this new creation by Maurizio Galante expands the designer's medium from fashion into design. The Apple Pouf features a graphical print of an apple on bi-elastic fabric.

The brilliant little Apple pouf is made of high-density structural polyurethane foam over an internal steel frame. While you might want to take a bit out of it first, this attractive pouf by Cerruti Baleri is actually a pretty cushy seat! A comfortable pouf, where sitting on an apple becomes playful and ironic. This wonderful Green Apple Pouf by Cerruti Baleri can be used as a footrest or a chair of its own, but no matter how it's placed it becomes a three-dimensional art piece that illuminates your space with nearly tangible warmth and energy.