ESTAMBUL Rug by Nanimarquina

We love this exquisite area rug with its attractive interplay of patterns and subtle coloring. The Estambul rug was designed by Javier Mariscal for Nanimarquina in Spain. This truly is one of the most exquisite area rugs in the Nanimarquina collection. The pattern on the Black and White Estambul Rug has a rhythmic appeal that seems to dance right off the floor. This is because the pattern is comprised of both geometric and organic shapes that work together to create a truly one of a kind piece.

Faced with the challenge of blank paper, some authors capture its very essence on designer rugs. A graphic and industrial designer, a painter, a fashion designer and a writer and art gallery director create each of these four exclusive designs, in which four very personal visions of the rug as contemporary object are made clear. All have something in common: choosing the absence of color, black and white in monochrome, to intensify its identity. A dichotomy. A horizontal canvas. A work of art underfoot. Nanimarquina's Estambul Rug makes a refined and elegant statement in any interior setting.

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