LESBO's lamp by Artemide

Stardust is proud to feature the iconic design lamp 'Lesbo' which was designed by Italian designer Angelo Mangiarotti for Artemide in Italy in 1967. The concept behind Angelo Mangiarotti's Lesbo lamp was to "evoke architecture as a pool of water". The Artemide Lesbo lamp is made of hand blown Murano glass with a base made with polished metal to disguise the light source. This distinctively sensual and elegant table lamp gives off a beautiful soft diffused light. The Artemide Lesbo table lamp by Angelo Mangiarotti is a modern design classic. 

 Angelo Mangiarotti with the Artemide Lesbo Lamp available from Stardust

Angelo Mangiarotti is one of the leading Italian architects and industrial designers of the 20th century. The main concept in his architecture, design and sculptural works is the rise of form through the correct use of matter and technique. In his long career he has focused his efforts on the industrial process for buildings and design production, never forgetting the real needs of users. 

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