ECCO Stainless Steel Fruit Bowls by Alessi

ECCO by Alessi, a beautifully styled tray to display your favorite fruits for the day on the table or counter. Alessi's Ecco is a decorative fruit bowl, that is attractive enough as a stand alone ornamental piece or perfect for holding fruit or vegetables. The shape and style resembles the wooden crates that you would see at a market, industrial culture into modern design. Designed by Massimo Mariani, ecco! has a shape that resembles the typical wooden crates that are used in markets. It is an unusual object and functionally versatile: a container for storing fruit in the kitchen (and, why not, vegetables too) and while also being a unique basket for serving at the table. ecco! is produced in stainless steel, cut and open-worked by laser, then bent. The sides have been perforated with a lively decoration of stylised, fruit-shaped silhouettes.Available in various colors from design purveyor;