Los Angeles Modern Outdoor Home Chairs for Sale

Los Angeles Modern Outdoor Home Chairs for Sale. This is Swiss modernism at its finest. In 1954, Swiss designer Willy Guhl created the quintessential modernist garden chair. Influenced perhaps in part by the modernist boomerang shapes of the early 1950s, this free-flowing chair is constructed from a single sheet of fiber-cement without internal supports. The result is a chair with a visual lightness that is part sculpture, part chair. Emerging from the modernist and constructivist ideals, the Loop Chair can be defined as an authentic pursue for simplicity – the beauty in the underlines of a purpose, not beauty as a purpose in itself. The principle “form follows function” was a battle-cry of Willy Guhl and his fellow Modernist architects and designers. As a consequence of this principle, most of the creations by Willy Guhl, including his iconic Loop Chair were devoted to the minimal elements. Designed more than half a century ago, this icon of Swiss modernist design remains as relevant and attractive as ever. Willy Guhl's Loop Chair has became the hallmark of the modernist Swiss Style and remains one of our favorite objects of design.