Lovebirds™ Danish Wooden Toy - Oak/Walnut : Stardust

This spring, Kay Bojesen’s famous family (Monkey, Dachshund, Hippo and Bear) will be joined by an old friend, when the Lovebirds are made available again through Stardust Modern Design.  Throughout his life, Kay Bojesen hailed the mantra that good design should feel human, warm and alive. “There should be circus in it,” he said about his work, of which the lively wooden figures are among those most beloved. In spring 2014, the monkey, the elephant and the bear will have company, as Stardust Modern Design sends this newly re-launched Kay Bojesen Lovebirds into the ring. Honouring the inner child: With his practical and contemporary design language, Kay Bojesen is one of Denmark’s greatest functionalists. His naive design unites both form and function, seriousness and play. At the same time, Bojesen possessed a unique ability to bring wood to life in such a way that his works have become international design icons.

Together with Bojesen’s other wooden figures, the Lovebirds are placed in the unique crossroads between imaginary figure and design object. Full of soul, humour, craftsmanship and with a twinkle in their eyes – and thus appealing to the child in all of us. Ideal for all special occasions: Kay Bojesen created his wooden figures with love, imagination and intelligence. Today his classic designs are found in countless Danish homes -whether in the children’s rooms, on the shelf or at the office – since the animals are much sought-after collectables that are passed down through the generations. This is what makes Kay Bojesen’s designs the ideal gift, wherever life is being lived and played.