Cloche TR Modern Glass Floor Lamp with Murano-Glass Shade by Leucos

Modern Glass Floor Lamp with Murano-Glass Shade. Produced by Italian light fitting manufacturer Leucos, this attractive and contemporary styled floor lamp is part of the Cloche collection available through Stardust. This modern glass floor lamp consists of a borosilicate glass diffuser with a semi-transparent copper or chrome plated finish, inside which sits the single lamp. fernando and humberto campana, the first an architect and the second a lawyer, brazilians live in sao paolo. in 1989 their first exhibition ''desconfortaveis'' at the ''arquitectura da luz'' in sao paolo, to be followed, in 1990 by ''organicos'' at nucleon in 1991 by ''esculturas'' at the pinacoteca do estado de sao paolo and by, in 1993, by ''edicao'' at the nucleon. all have been opportunities to present their personal research on materials and projects, combining high technology and poor materials. the campana brothers have taken part in the most important world-wide exhibitions of brasilian design, proposing, with their work, a rare combination of formal originality and autonomy.