Outdoor Modern Wall Light

Classic mid-century modern wall sconce from Stardust. Made on the original tools of the classic mid century modern design sconce that can still be found in several icons of modern architecture, this multipurpose outdoor wall light has been re-tooled with even heavier gauge materials to improve both good looks and durability. We have also updated this classic 1950s and 60s wall sconce with an additional silicone rain shield for use in both damp and exposed wet outdoor locations. 

Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern House with Stardust Sconce and Planter
  This wall sconce is therefore a perfect fit for both small residential- and large scale commercial projects. And, it is UL listed for both indoor- and outdoor use. With it's classic shape and matching aluminum backplate, this modern outdoor light fixture perfectly compliments any house. Modern and stylish when first introduced, our handcrafted satin aluminum outdoor light fixture provide an easy update for both traditional, mid-century modern and contemporary homes. Our classic modern wall sconce looks great both indoors and outdoors. Use a single piece as a focal point or install several of them to brighten up an outdoor wall, walkway or outside patio.

Mid Century Modern House with our Classic Wall Lamp

This modernist wall sconce is a fine example of the Palm Springs mid-century modern architectural design style. Between 1940 and 1970, architects created a uniquely important collection of International Style houses in Palm Springs for their jet-set clientele. When designers such as Richard Neutra, John Lautner, and Albert Frey came together with members of the Hollywood elite like Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, and Lucille Ball, they produced luxury homes nestled in bouldered hills and vacation estates located along green fairways. Palm Springs Modern documents this 40-year architectural explosion in the California desert. One of the more dramatic collaborations was between Los Angeles architect Quincy Jones and billionaire Walter Annenberg, erstwhile publisher and ambassador to Britain under Richard Nixon. Annenberg and his wife, Lee, commissioned the Rancho Mirage Estate house with the express purpose of entertaining such heavyweights as Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Ronald Reagan. Jones envisioned water and green grass on the outside--"I don't want to see one grain of sand except in the golf traps"--and an interior sympathetic to the Annenbergs' collection of impressionist art and oriental antiques. Near the end of the two-year project, Lee asked that the Japanese- and Mayan-inspired pyramidal roof be pink.

Our Mid-Century Modern Sconce is the perfect fit for Eichler Homes, Albert Frey, Richard Neutra, Palm Springs Modern Houses and matches the clean lines of Mid-Century Modern Architecture:

Modern Outdoor Lighting - Classic!

So it was that pink became the signature hue of the Annenbergs' fabulous Rancho Mirage home. Using many of the same general principles Jones employed--an open floor plan and the integration of the interior and exterior spaces--Donald Wexler and Ric Harrison's Steel Development Houses represent a very different perspective. Built almost entirely of steel, concrete, and glass, these 1,400-square-foot houses cost between $13,000 and $17,000 in 1962 and could be built in three days. They are minimal in design, aside from the butterfly ceilings, and are incredibly energy efficient. By using steel instead of wood, the buildings are expected to last for many, many years with little or no maintenance. Who would have guessed that the Bauhaus principles, which originated in Germany with Walter Gropius, would find their way to the California desert?