Dedalino™ Modern Pencil Holder - White/Black/Orange/Red : Pencil Desk Organizer

Part of our "select" vintage offerings; the iconic and hard to find desk accessory "Dedalino" is included in the MoMA Design Collection for its perfect looks and functional "space age" Italian design. 

Emma Gismondi Schweinberger (Italian, born 1934) was one of the leading designers of Artemide during the late 1960s. Perhaps most famous for her brilliant "Giano" side tables and "Dedalo" umbrella stand which could be found in almost every Italian office during the early 1970s. Designed for Artemide, Dedalino is the smallest in a series of objects by Schweinberger which explore various functions based upon the size of a space age rounded form. Limited quantities available in most colors including a hard-to-find chrome plated plastic edition.