alessi territoire serving tray by alessi

alessi territoire tray by alessi "territoire" is a metali crasset design for alessi. matali crasset, born in 1965, is by training an industrial designer. after her initial experience with denis santachiara italy and with philippe starck in france, she set up her own studio in paris, in an old renovated printworks in the heart of belleville. it is there, among children and neighbours, that she dreams up her projects. since the 1990s, she has been looking at her profession of designer in a global fashion. with a view of the world that is both expert and always new, she questions the obviousness of the codes so that she can be more free of them. matali crasset works with a variety of actors, just as easily with the curious craftsman as with an individual in search of a new life scenario. always in search of new territories to explore, she collaborates with eclectic worlds, from crafts to electronic music, from the textiles industry to fair trade, realising projects in set design, furniture, architecture, graphics, collaborations with artists, and so on.  with territoire crasset presents two trays in different sizes and colours, with the aim of creating a play of colour and composition left to one’s personal taste and preferences. "territoire", the larger tray in the shape of an irregular hexagon and "territoire intime," the smaller pentagon-shaped piece, are made of polished 18/10 stainless steel and coloured steel. the choice of colour is deliberate and dictated by the designer: yellow sand for the hexagon-shaped piece, terracotta for the pentagonal version. the "territoire" and "territoire intime" trays can be showcased on their own or paired together to create a vibrant combination of lines and geometric surfaces. alessi's territoire is made in italy. functional, simple and decorative territoire tray for everyday use.