Beehive A331 by Artek - Beehive Pendant Light - Artek Lamp by Alvar Aalto

Artek Beehive Pendant: one of the most stunning pendant lights in the Stardust collection; the A 331 is a Stardust Staff Pick and a favorite among our customers. The iconic A 331 pendant lamp was designed by Finnish architect/designer Alvar Aalto in 1953 for the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. Alvar Aalto's modernist A 331 lamp captures the essence of Scandinavian design with its attractive layers of painted matte white steel with brass accents. Perhaps Aalto's most significant lamp design; the A 331 is more commonly known as the "Beehive" pendant lamp because of its striking shape which closely resembles a beehive as found in nature. The A 331 Beehive lamp has a structure which allows the light to be diffused through the brass elements that join the aluminum sheets. Thanks to the brass, the A 331 Beehive lamp diffuses a beautiful and soft light. It was Aalto that the lamp's light is warm and that's why he used brass very much. The A 331 Beehive is an exceptional and highly decorative light fixture with sculptural qualities will compliment any space. Perfect when suspended above the dining room table or when used as a accent lamp in the living room.

Alvar Aalto was one of the greatest names in modern architecture and Scandinavian design. He was a pivotal figure in the international modernist movement. From light fixtures and furniture to modern architecture, Alvar Aalto's design was minimal yet sophisticated while offering a timeless quality that endures. Alvar Aalto's brilliant A 331 Beehive pendant lamp is a flawless modernist design classic still meticulously crafted at the Artek factory in Helsinki Finland.

Alvar Aalto's A 331 Beehive pendant lamp is available with either a polished brass rings, polished chrome rings or white painted rings. While the A 331 Beehive pendant lamp can take either incandescent or CFL lamps, our personal preference goes to an incandescent light bulb. This is after all a classic icon of modern design.