Large White FUN 0 DM Shell Capiz Ceiling Light Pendant Chandelier by Verner Panton

fun 0dm (1964) pendant light by panton from stardust made in denmark. verner panton lighting fixtures - capiz shells - 4 levels.  "fun 0dm" is a visually stunning pendant light. designed by verner panton in 1964, this scandinavian design classic is a true icon. tiers of translucent natural capiz shells are cut and strung by hand from small metal rings to form this large round capiz pendant chandelier, which softly diffuses light, casting an ambient glow. danish designer verner panton created the fun 0dm with a stainless steel structure from which numerous strands of mother of pearl discs are suspended. the mother of pearl discs are connected to each other in a chain-like manner by small metal rings. verner panton's model 0 dm is made in denmark by the authorized manufacturer. we offer the original licensed product as authorized by verner panton.

verner panton was one of the most influential figures in the development of design during the 1960s and 1970s. along with his experimental approach to forms and colours, he was captivated by the potential of shells, a novel material at the time. his aim was to create a comfortable lamp made from natural shells that would provide a mesmerizing light that could be used anywhere. after searching for a manufacturer for several years, panton came into contact with luber in 1963. together they developed the fun lamp, which was first presented in 1964.

serial production of the panton lamps commenced in switzerland in 1964. it was hailed as a sensation and received numerous prizes. one of the earliest models is now in the collection of the museum of modern art in new york. today the panton lamps are is regarded as a classic of modern lighting design.the collection went back in production and is now available through stardust.