Mercury Glass Sconce - Wall Light

The absolutely stunning Mercure Lamp can be used as either a wall lamp or a flush-mount ceiling light fixture. One of the most exceptional light fixtures in our collection. The Mercure Lamp was designed by Patrick Jouin for Murano Due and is part of the FDV Collection. It's exquisite star-like design was inspired by the asteroid pitted silvery landscape of the planet Mercury, the innermost of the eight planets in the Solar System. The Mercure P-PL wall- or ceiling lamp has an expertly crafted mouth blown glass diffuser with a pulegoso mirror finish. The tiny bubbles dispersed inside the glass create an intriguing effect that is reminiscent of antique aged mercury plated mirrors. The Murano Due Mercure P-PL wall- or ceiling lamp also features a unique dimpled design which further enhances its Mercury planet-like appearance. Mercure is one of the most beautiful Italian lamps in our collection. Can be paired with the Mercure S Pendant Lamp.

The Mercure P-PL wall- or ceiling light provides a gently diffused light. It is a striking lamp for entryways, hallways, bedrooms or living rooms where it can be installed against a wall or on the ceiling. It's mirror-like finish gives this lamp a dazzling charm. The Murano Due Mercure P-PL Lamp is crafted by master Italian glass blowers on the island of Murano in Venice Italy. Important to note is that Stardust is the exclusive source for the UL and cUL listed Mercure Lamp and that our version can be installed on US electrical boxes. It is therefore a perfect lamp for both residential- and commercial installations.