Achille Castiglioni said of Arco in a 1965 interview published by moderndesigninterior: "I consider it my greatest lamp design ever, the personification of my style: because it combines a utilitarian object with purity of form." We at Stardust agree; Castiglioni's Arco is all about "functional elegance". Superbly executed with the finest materials and craftsmanship, this is not only a lamp but a veritable work of art for the living room as referenced in this New York Times article. Arco features our favorite material; Italian Carrara marble. Carrara is a town in the Italian Alps. The marble (Michelangelo's favorite) from this area has been used in Italy since Roman times. Every time we see a Flos Arco Floor Lamp in person, its quality and design features leave us astounded - a big word, but the only right word - to describe these brilliant Italian design lamps.