As far as classics go; the Flos Taccia lamp is an icon! Yes; you have heard it before, but this time it is actually need for a lie detector test.  This is a rigid and solid icon of Italian design and it will be for many many years to come.  The Taccia Lamp's meaning to design is similar to what Mozart's Piano Concerto 21 is to classical music. A brilliant feast for the eyes. The Taccia lamp was designed by the Italian master of design, Achille Castiglioni. The original Taccia lamp is still made by Flos in Italy; the only authorized manufacturer. This clean-lined lamp approaches sculptural art, reflecting light from a concave extruded-aluminum reflector with a matte-white finish. Light is adjusted by positioning the blown glass diffuser. Base is extruded aluminum in an anodized matte black or natural sandblasted finish. If you are looking for a timeless modern design classic, Achille Castiglioni's Taccia is a must-have. Taccia is on its LL Cool J Swing and says "don't call it a comeback, I been here for years"!  No need to say more, the Taccia is here to stay in a modern kind of way!

Achille Castiglioni said of Taccia in a 1970 interview: "We consider it the Mercedes of lamps, a symbol of success: perhaps because it looks like the shaft of a classical column. We certainly weren't thinking of prestige when we designed it. We just wanted a surface that would stay cool. Taccia was devised in 1958, designed and prototyped in 1959 and, after several years of study of the prototype by Flos it was for the first time produced in 1962.