OBJECTIVE - Objective Cylinder Table Lamp - Objective Lamp by Jean Nouvel - ARTEMIDE Table Lamp

OBJECTIVE lamp by Artemide - Objective Cylinder Table Lamp - Objective Lamp by Jean Nouvel - ARTEMIDE Table Lamp - Table Lamp. categories: Design › lighting › decorative light › table lamps. The elementary cylinder-shaped disc shaped construction of Artemide's 'OBJECTIVE' table lamp hides the actual complexities of design which French architect Jean Nouvel has developed for artemide; a lamp that draws inspiration from camera lenses. With this small table lamp Jean Nouvel addresses the theme of man’s relation with his personal space. It has an elementary shape that breaks up into 3 perfectly geometrical volumes to arouse spatial perception on three levels by means of two LED light sources. Previous Next. Compasso d'Oro ADI 2014 Artemide at Light + Building. Lighting Fields Vol.2 Lighting Fields. 2014 Architectural, Outdoor, Nord Light Novelties. The first level provides indirect ceiling light via a smart optical unit. Level two is more an operational one, which uses an optical unit with 360° rotation on the horizontal axis to direct light towards different parts of the working top. Level three opens up to the surroundings with indirect light emission adjustable on the vertical axis between 0 and 45°. The use of light as an architectural expression, the small-sized Objective lamp encloses all the technological wisdom and lighting skills in favour of a personal interpretation of individual space. When Jean Nouvel presents his lights in person #OBJECTIVE and #EQUILIBRIST: it is inevitable! Outfitted with LED 8W 640lm 3000K 80 64lm/W 75% dimm + LED 4W 305lm 3000K 80 64lm/W 65% dimm. lighting is essential for modern home. a well-designed lamp designed by well-known architect jean nouvel for artemide for the modern home.