VP-6 white-globe-modern-pendant-light-ball-shape White Pendant Light - 1 Light

VP-6 white-globe-modern-pendant-light-ball-shape White Pendant Light - 1 Light. The spherical globe of the Topan lamp is open at the bottom and consists of polished or lacquered aluminium sheeting. To avoid the risk of the bulb at the centre of the lamp blinding people, Panton hung the lamp as low as possible above the table or floor. The same purpose was served by a specially developed set of deflectors, as used at the Hotel Astoria. The very stylish pendant Topan VP6 from &Tradition at Stardust, was designed by Verner Panton in 1960. The pendant is as modern today as it was then and the lamp is available in several colors and is both beautiful alone as a combined with the others!  The design of the Hotel and Restaurant Astoria in Trondheim included the entry area with the cloakroom, the day restaurant with the wintergarten, an evening restaurant with dance floor as well as a self-service restaurant. Panton used the textile design Geometry I to IV for floors, walls and ceilings in order to give the room a uniform image. The chairs are various versions of the cone chairs. The chairs grouped around the tables and the Topan lights work together to divide the large room into individual seating areas with an intimate note. Material: polished or brushed aluminium and lacquered in blue, turquoise, orange or red or white.

also available from stardust.com in matte black