CADDY 6-Drawer Organizer with Wheels, 28 1/2"h x 16 1/2"w x 16"d, Red

If you've been looking for an organizer for awhile, your search is finally over.  From cluttered to clean, office organization done right!  The handy and neat Joe Colombo Office Organizer is a welcome addition to the home or the office.  Designed by an Italian engineer and awarded by MoMA New York, this organizing caddy is an organizer's dream come true!  Why not get one for yourself?  As we all know, a disorganized desk or office is counter-productive and can send the work message to your clients and perhaps most importantly, yourself!  But this time around, you are really going to organize your home office in style with the Joe Colombo Boby Trolley!  Get organized for good with this beautiful and functional pieces of home office furniture for every job and room.  The tall version as pictured above can be used as a a stand-alone desktop organizer and can hold paper, pens, pencils, paperclips, rubber bands, calculators, cards, scrapbook paper, photographs, keys, posters, stapler, eyeglasses and everyday stuff that needs to be organized.  It's perfect for anyone and for storing pretty much anything.  The lower organizer can be used as a bedside table.  Ideal for the office, kitchen, bathroom, retail, showroom, dorm room or wherever! You can also purchased this mobile organizer to organize your constantly growing supply of arts & crafts, sewing supplies, nailpolish, makeup and beauty products (it is a favorite among customers who search for 'organizer for makeup' or 'cosmetic and makeup organizers'.  Yet it equally does it job as a medical storage organizer, beauty and hair salon organizer or as a little mobile bathroom vanity organizer.  Also great as an arts-crafts-sewing cabinet as pictured below:

Organizing Ideas for Arts&Crafts and Sewing Supplies (Joe Colombo Boby Trolley B22B).
We previously wrote about this one on our blog on September 25th.

This functional drawer cabinet on wheels meets the organizing nut in you perfectly.  It is compact, so it does not take up too much room and it holds a lot.  This beautiful Joe Colombo Boby Office Organizer creates a work environment that reflects your personality (stylish!) and helps you work smarter.  It is a nice organizer that looks modern and functional. Plus, moving your office from one room to another is easy with this home office organizer on wheels!  It doesn't take up much room, and it rolls easily so it can easily be moved. This multi-drawer mobile organizer features a sturdy and stable industrial-quality plastic frame with fashionable swing-out drawers.  No assembly required!  Seriously, who has hours extra to assemble these things?  This office organizer ships fully assembled right out of the box.  Comparing apples to apples, this inexpensive and high-quality many-drawer organizer is simply perfect and comes highly recommended by the organizing crowd.  We don't think you'll find a better organizer of it's kind.
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Let's keep it short and sweet; this organizer is "The Best"!
Get one today and organizer yourself in style.

Above is the B33B with three levels and three drawers, the most popular model.
Some more office furniture organizing ideas and images by UK based artist/designer Tina at Colour Living from the Joe Colombo Boby Trolley (Model B22B) available from Stardust.

Nice looking tape dispenser!  

Faber Castell Pens.

Travel Guides and Small Books.

Arts & Crafts Organizer