CLEVER Contemporary Modern CAMPARI 10-bottle Italian Modern pendant Chandelier Light Fixture, Red

CLEVER Contemporary Modern CAMPARI 10-bottle Italian Modern pendant Chandelier Light Fixture, Red. designer: raffaele celentano ten original campari soda bottles, individually detachable. plastic, metal. 230/125 volts, par 30° halogen flood, 75 watts, socket e27. height freely adjustable via campari crown cork. standard length 61.02". special length max. 157.48". complete with bulb. dimensions: width: 7.87" x height: 11.8" voltage: 125v max. power: 75 w halogen flood special order item. The Campari Light From Ingo Maurer Is An Unusual Pendant Lamp With Ten Original Campari-soda-bottles That Can Be Taken Off Individually. Campari Light Was Designed By The Italian Photograph Raffaele Celentano For Ingo Maurer In The Year 2002. The Colourful Campari-bottles Form The Lampshade In Which’s Centre The Illuminant Takes Place. The Light Does Not Only Shine Downwards, But Also Directly Through The Campari Bottles. Furthermore The Content Of The Bottle Offers A Colourful Note To The Light. Apart From The Colourful Bottles The Pendant Lamp Construction Is Minimalist And Reduced. The Campari Light Consists Of Synthetic And Metal. The Baldachin Is Transparent. Furthermore The Lamp Is Height Adjustable. The Pendant Lamp Campari Weight Is Exclusively Construed To The Bottles Weight And Dimensions And May Not Be Loaded With Heavy Bottles Under No Circumstances. The Illuminant (halogen E27 Max. 75w, 230/125v) To Enable The Campari Light Is Included In The Delivery Package. The Campari Light Suits For Rooms With A Room Height Of Up To 3 Meters. A Special Length For Room Heights Of Up To 5.5 Meters Is Also Available. Product description: The Campari pendant light has been designed by Raffaele Celentano for Ingo Maurer. The Campari light is made up of Campari soda bottles. The height of this chandelier is freely adjustable with the Campari cork. Regular length 59" (150 cm) but a special 157 1/2 (400 cm) is available. In stock item - Free 2nd day shipping Details: Manufacturer: Ingo Maurer Designer: Raffaele Celentano Made in: Germany Dimensions: Width: 9" (23 cm) X Height: 59-157 1/2" (150-400 cm) Light bulb:: 1 x 75W Halogen Material: plastic, metal, campari soda bottles . construction: 157" cable, 59" cable;   returns not accepted on this item. item number ing-camparilg. We love these wonderful images taken by marvelgulp; check our their amazing photographs of numerous design icons!