HIPóDROMO DE LA ZARZUELA' L. Domínguez & Eduardo Torroja Madrid Modern Building in Spain from 1935, Concrete

Modern Architecture 'El Hipódromo de La Zarzuela' Madrid Spain from 1935

Do you like modern architecture? Have a look at this one! This brilliant work of modernist architecture has to be one of our favorite buildings ever! Largely unknown outside Spain, this magnificent structure was created by architects L. Domínguez and Eduardo Torroja in 1935. El Hipódromo de La Zarzuela (also known as the Madrid racetrack) has recently undergone an extensive renovation. It is locatated at: Avenida Padre Huidobro s/n, A-6, Kilometro 8, 28023 Madrid, Spain. Image credit to Ximo Michavila. If you love modern architecture & design, make sure to check Stardust.

Photos by Ximo Michavila en Flickr
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