Modern Office Design Ideas with Organizers, Yellow

Sayonara Office Cubicle: May we Never Meet Again!
The era of the uninspiring office cubicle has finally come to an end.
This is how the office of tomorrow looks:

Design a beautiful, yet functional, business or home office with inspiration together with the Stardust Modern Design experts. The perfect office design of today is a fusion between form and function.  Today's modern office is light and bright with an open non-partitioned floor space that fuels creative energy and that encourages communication between management and employees. Today's modern office design is refreshingly devoid of those dreaded grey cubicles, fake dusty indoor plants or motivational wall posters that seem to remind you that you are actually depressed and need encouragement.  In the new office of tomorrow, the filtered natural light of the sun illuminates the mind through vast floor-to-ceiling sliding doors and window spaces.  The office of the 21st century has finally grown up and it's a fun place to be!  The modern office simply becomes an encouraging canvas in which employees create a successful workplace.

This beautiful modern office provides comfortable and inviting chaises where employees can unwind for a brief moment while overlooking a shallow but effective indoor reflecting pool.  A few water lilies complete this soothing and restoring spot where employees recharge their batteries.  Modern office design by Stardust Modern Design.

If you are looking for fresh new modern office design ideas, look no further.  One example is this new modern office design in Brazil by MK27 Architects which is simply to dream for.  Modern architectural elements with concrete and wood are enhanced by bright modern color touches and simple but stylish office furniture.  The waiting area is equipped with four Vitra SLOW Chairs from Stardust Modern Design.  Reference books about arts, design and photography are within reach to fuel the creative spirit.  Office furniture is bright and mobile.  Desks are kept clean and tidy with the mobile Joe Colombo Boby Trolley, a functional office orgaizer on casters; a design from 1968 no less!

You may not have the space or the budget for a beautiful and spacious modern office, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have one.  The space-saving office organizers of today are compact in size and can help you declutter valuable desktop space.  From simple white to bold and bright, these inventive Joe Colombo Boby mobile office organizers come in a wide variety of sizes and colors.  Modern office design by Stardust Modern Design.
 A light and airy Sunflower Wall Clock by George Nelson spruces up the wall and keeps time.  Just a few steps away is the indoor courtyard were employees can take a breath of fresh air and perhaps listen to the twitter of birds (not just the twitter stuff on their computer screen for once).  Clumping Bamboo such as Alphonse Karr is an excellent choice for a privacy screen in an office courtyard where a clumping bamboo is desired. Add some additional soothing green color accents with cold hard tropical plants or Japanese Maple Trees which are easy to maintain and look tranquil, peaceful and calming; especially when surrounded by pea gravel as pictured below.

Even small indoor courtyards can be designed with a minimalist zen-like sensibility as found in traditional Japanese garden design.  
 Stardust Modern Design specializes in office design, contemporary interior office design and office furniture. Find great ideas and design inspiration for your business and home office designs. We have the best office furniture for your office projects in commercial, corporate, contract, workplace and office design.

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