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We in the US have long ways to go when it concerns modern prefab. It's not that we do not have the talent. Apple seems to have the right package (super functional and super cool) so it is just going to be a matter of time before we will new architects, fresh out of college, come up with more innovative ways to produces fabulous prefab homes here in the US. Eventually we hope this spreads out to car design, etc. Sure, we are seeing a push in Green prefab in the US which is admirable (thanks to attention from magazines like Dwell), but let's be honest, it is different (just not as cool) compared to the prefab they are making in Europe.

This blog is created to inspire architects, builders, home owners and visionaries in the US to look beyond the pond into exciting new prefab projects. And our second request: prefab should not be prices around $400 per square foot, while they can accomplish the same (with even better quality) in Europe for half the price. Sooner or later, there is going to be a visionary who will produce super quality well-thought out modern (not contemporary) prefab with sleek looks at $200 per square foot. And when that happens, will we see an immense take-off of modern architecture in the USA which will finally will be an alternative of cookie-cutter urban sprawl wastelands.

We just spotted this company in Austria which produces "Austrian top quality" prefabricated modern homes. Simply fantastic with clean modern lines and the attention for detail and finish are superior. And best of all, they make the units so you can actually extend your home with additional units over time and as needed! Concrete foundation optional! In Europe, the units are often laid down on steel beams. And how long does it take to install a home: even more surprisingly, the Austrians can get it mostly done in two to three days depending on the size.

Intelligent well thought-out plans for architecture and interior design enable a new generous living feeling in even the smallest space. Practically without partitions, you experience 500 Square Feet as if it were 700 Square Feet. The NOMADHOME is a living space that is transportable and extendable at all times. A home that moves with you when you change location if you want it to. In the business area NOMADHOME can be used as a coffee lounge, showroom, temporary office or shop as the following blueprint shows.

Austrian Gerold Peham, the inventor of NOMADHOME, realised this development and made a mobile foundation into a pan-Europe unique living concept.

This is also a very friendly company. The website of NOMADHOME mentions the following:

Are you looking for land? We will find the right site for your NOMADHOME. From as small as 200m² – rent, lease or buy, with water and drainage. Maybe in a small NOMADHOME village where two or more parties join together on a large site and create their own small community.

We will continue to list interesting modular homes so bookmark our blog! And please visit our modern design showroom in Sonoma when you have a chance:

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