DREAMLIKE Luminal Contemporary Modern Kundali Floor Lamp

Kundalini Luminal Floor Lamp by Marzio Rusconi and Laura Agnoletto. One of the most beautiful modern floor lamps in our collection with a unique sculptural shape! One of the most striking lamps on the market, the Kundalini Luminal Floor Lamp makes a dramatic statement in any interior space. Luminal was designed by the Italian design duo of Marzio Rusconi and Laura Agnoletto for Kundalini in Italy. Not only beautiful, the tall and stately Kundalini Luminal Floor Lamp is also practical and versatile. It provides bright and indirect room lighting which makes it a perfect floor lamp in the living room, dining area, hallway or office. The Kundalini Luminal Floor Lamp is also a great choice for the bedroom, where its flexible lighting and soothing design can be fully appreciated. Because of its minimal and elegant form, the Kundalini Luminal Floor Lamp works wonders in most interior settings.

Floor lamp with blown and laser-cut Plexiglas diffuser, fixed on a metal structure with conic spun fixtures and a stem coated with transparent Plexiglas extruded tube.

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