Modern Design purveyor Stardust has the pleasure to announce to you the Flos Kelvin LED GREEN (also named the Kelvin LED Green Mode); the world's first interactive task light.  The light works as any other Kelvin LED until the green mode is activated by holding the on/off switch button. In this mode, the light output is regulated depending on the amount of light on the surface for optimal reading while reducing consumption. The high output is at 325 Lumens compared to the 270 for the standard Kelvin LED and consumption is reduced to 7.5 watts.  This stylish and effective desk lamp is perfect when used as an office desk lamp, task light or table lamp.  The Flos Kelvin Led Green is bright enough for reading books or to illuminate your desk at the office.

KELVIN LED GREEN MODE LED FLOS DESK LIGHT - Now Kelvin LED becomes KELVIN LED Green with the Toan Nguyen and Antonio Citterio designed Kelvin Led Green Mode Lamp: saving even more energy thanks to his automatic compensation of the ambience light. Rising his light output to 325 Lumens and decreasing his consumption to 7,5W. Kelvin LED is now available in a beautiful new chrome finish realized following the last European Eco Standard (2011 / 65 / UEROHS 2).
The Kelvin LED Green Mode is clever, practical and a pleasure to look at!

The first batch of this product is available in gorgeous chrome only through Stardust Modern Design.  After the great successful launch, the Kelvin table light, designed by Antonio Citterio with Toan Nguyen, is presented by Flos, in occasion of Salone del Mobile – Euoluce 2011, in a new version which incorporates a ‘green’ element that offers a saving on energy by providing only the amount of energy needed. Simply brush the head of the light to activate a sensor that detects the ambient light level and adjusts the intensity of the LED accordingly. The ON/OFF optical switch changes colour from orange to green to show that green mode is activated.

Brushing the head of the light again deactivates the function. Kelvin LED Green Mode revolutionizes the design of angle-poise table lamps: length and base are minimal and the flat head doesn’t clutter your view of the screen in any position. 30 LED lights combined with a special chemically photo-etched diffuser guarantee a warm, soft and comfortable light, avoiding harsh visual contrasts and dazzle. Switched on/off and adjusted using a special optical sensor.

Toan Nguyen and Antonio Citterio Kelvin Led Green Mode Lamp
Stardust Modern Design