Modern LOUNGE Chair: Pk-22 Leather CHAIR by Poul KJAERHOLM in Classic Leather, Black

Modern LOUNGE Chair: Pk-22 Leather CHAIR by Poul KJAERHOLM in Classic Leather, Black - Fritz Hansen PK22 Chair in Classic Black Leather. The PK22 Chair was designed by Danish designer Poul Kjaerholm in 1956. Poul Kjaerholm's PK22 Chair is characterized by its understated elegance, clean lines and remarkable attention to detail; this beautiful design chair is a favorite chair at Stardust. A chair that is modest in means, but rich in expression. The PK22 is the perfect fusion between art and design. Since its introduction in 1955 it has been regarded as one of the most significant examples of Scandinavian mid-century modern furniture design. The PK22 is a purist masterpiece that will compliment any refined interior. It is perfect for a variety of applications including residential and commercial settings. The PK22 is available from Stardust in wicker, suede or leather with a base in satin-brushed stainless steel. We prefer this original black leather edition which really compliments the chair. The PK22 Chair is made in Denmark by Fritz Hansen.

The discrete and elegant PK22 lounge chair epitomizes the work of Poul Kjaerholm and his search for the ideal form and the perfect dimension. The goal of "making form a part of function" was expressed uncompromisingly in all of Poul Kjaerholm's work, and especially so in his PK22 design. It was a process of purification, a catharsis, in which all superfluities were peeled away and the pure utilitarian form emerged so clearly that it became a type not confined in time. Poul Kjaerholm was uncompromising in his insistence on structural clarity and technical quality. However, his personal concern for everyday use did much to popularize the austere functionalist style with which he is associated. His PK22 Chair available from Stardust is like an elegantly written character that gives the room in which it stands solidity and calm.

Classic Black Leather

Winner of the Grand Prix design award at the Milan Triennale. 

Image Credit: © Jean-Marc Palisse, Fritz Hansen,