pixEL Modern Wall or Kundalini Ceiling Lamp by Bakery Group

Kundalini Pixel Modern Wall or Ceiling Lamp

Kundalini Pixel Modern Wall or Ceiling Lamp

The unique Pixel wall or ceiling light was designed by three ingenious designers who make up the Bakery Group; Michel DuVernet, Marcin Padlewski and Anissa Szeto. With backgrounds in Architecture and Engineering, the trio have created and developed a variety of projects ranging from custom commissions to designs intended for production. The Bakerygroup ethos is simple: projects are investigated first and foremost through making.

The Pixel's uniqueness lies in the puzzle piece shape it offers. Made from roto-molded polyethylene and fixed to a varnished metal structure, the Pixel wall or ceiling light can be put up as single lamp or a composition of many together. It's puzzle shape gives one an opportunity to be playful and creative in composing of the light onto the wall or ceiling.