QUBI Modern 17.50-inch Square Stackable White Bookshelf/Organizers

QUBI Modern 17.50-inch Square Stackable White Bookshelf/Organizers  - Modern Square Stackable White Bookshelf/Organizers Stack plenty high to organize all your books and collectibles in style.  The Quby bookshelf was designed by Stefan Bench for B-Line in Italy. Unclutter, simplify and organize your home and your office environment with this extremely versatile modular bookshelf. This handy organizer will be a functional everyday organizing tool. It will free-up space so you can concentrate on getting some actual work done! With a height and width of 17.50" it neatly stores all your books, DVDs, CDs, etc under your office desk or against your wall. Sturdy as well, this book shelf is made of superior grade polyethylene plastic which is almost indestructible and fully recyclable. This wonderful piece of furniture is must-have for both home- and office environments.

Qubi Bookcase Shelf