WIGGLE FRANK GEHRY CHAIR FROM VITRA FURNITURE - The Gehry Wiggle Chair was designed by notable architect Frank O. Gehry in 1972. In the 1960s a trend for cost-efficient and lightweight materials led to experiments with using cardboard in furniture design. Designer and architect Frank Gehry developed a cardboard material called 'edge board' that used multiple layers of corrugated cardboard glued together to make it strong enough to be practical. The Wiggle Chair is designed using this innovative material.

The Frank Gehry Wiggle Chair is one of our favorite pieces of modern furniture. A beautiful and timeless Frank Gehry design. The Wiggle Chair was designed by the leading contemporary architect Frank Gehry. The Frank Gehry Wiggle Chair is produced by Vitra in Europe. Frank Gehry is one of the world's most important contemporary architects. Frank Gehry likes to use unusual materials for his architecture and furniture. With the series "Easy Edges" from 1972, he succeeded in lending such everyday materials as cardboard a new aesthetic dimension. Although they appear unbelievably simple "Easy Edges" are constructed with the architect's care as well as being very robust and stable. Approximately 60 layers of cardboard are held together by hidden screws with a fiberboard edging. Four models from the series - Side Chair, Wiggle Side Chair, Dining Table and Low Table Set - are in production by Vitra.

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