Modern Flower Vases: Kartell Shanghai Vase, Transparent or Metallic

Shanghai Mario Bellini Vase from Kartell. Inspired by the shape of prism and transparent materials, Kartell's Shanghai vase makes a high-quality impression for flower arrangements with a modern feel. Add your favorite flowers to it for a confidently minimal yet stylish approach. The tapered shape is designed to fit a single bloom or many, so get creative and use Shanghai to display your flower-arranging skills to the fullest. Diameter 13 7/9″ Height 17 1/3″. Shanghai is a multifaceted Kartell vase widening from the base to the top in a swirling motion projecting light and energy. Shanghai Vase are like a refracted light radiating from prism-like crystal with an alternating play of flashes and shadows, creating irregular geometric forms. Its many colors and forms are as fascinating as its Oriental namesake. Thanks to Kartell, plastic has become precious, noble and sophisticated and now with its new brilliant finishes of metallic gold, copper, silver and titanium, the Kartell product has become a veritable luxury item. Shanghai can now boast new metallic finishes adding new allure to some of Kartell’s great classics.