April 7, 2015

Moooi Firmship 4 feet Modern Round Area Rug by Studio Job

Moooi Firmship Modern Round Rug

Moooi Firmship Modern Round Rug

A very unique and beautiful modern rug, Firmship was designed by the notable design firm Studio Job for Moooi in the Netherlands. In the words of the designer, Job Smeets - "The design of the carpet finds its origin in the nautical iconography. Originally Nynke Tynagel designed the pattern for the facade of a big building at the harbor of Rotterdam. Last year we used it again in the boat and offices we designed for a brand new company called Firmship. As always... Moooi Pirate's keen eyes spot everything and invited us to do a composition for this carpet!"

The iconic Firmship rug designed by Studio Job for Moooi, is a wonderful way to bring the oceanic world into your home. Centuries old nautical symbols weave there way onto this carpet creating a harmonic pattern. The neutral color palette allows for it to fit into any decor.