Alessi Liconi in 18/10 Stainless Steel Mirror Polished with Mountains and Lake-Shaped design in 18/10, Silver

This celebrated centerpiece "Liconi", on sale at Stardust Modern Design for $199.95 instead of $220.00, with the design of mountains and an alpine lake was a great success when it was introduced in 2016, and for Alessi it represented a meeting of great design and mass production methods, a combination that Pierfrancesco Cravel worked hard to achieve, applying his personal visual code which fused influences from nature to industrial design and even the language of John Muir. W. 9.25 × D. 13.86 × H. 3.46 in (W. 23.5 × D. 35.2 × H. 8.8 cm). 

Lago di Liconi (an Italian) glacial pool of heavenly water in the Valle d’Aosta region of Italy, located 2400 meters above sea level not far from the village of Morgex. The “Liconi” Centrepiece is another of Alessi's exercises in the evolution of the art of moulding and coining stainless steel sheet metal, conducted in collaboration with the Region of Valle d’Aosta of which Alessi have chosen to present—in the species of a household object—one of the most beautiful mountain lakes, namely Liconi Lake. The glacial lake of Liconi acted as the muse for this Centrepiece, designed by Pierfrancesco Cravel. In addition to its intrinsic scenographic qualities, selecting a lake as the inspirational model also responds to functional considerations: the surface of the water acts as the table top, the surrounding landscape forms the enclosing perimeter. The design of the surface was obtained by elaborating a high definition, stereoscopic satellite image. The highly-skilled craftsmanship necessary to reproduce a subject with these characteristics in metal was possible only thanks to the expertise Alessi has acquired through years of experience realizing complex surfaces in steel. Its descriptive, evocative form transforms Liconi into an object to put on display, in addition to its nominal function as a Centrepiece.

Alessi Liconi Mirror Polished Centerpiece Tray, Stainless Steel