Commercial Outdoor Furniture - Light-Weight 'Long' Concrete Modular Bench - All Colors

Furnish your outdoor space in style with the stunning Dune collection of pre-cast, weatherproof and light-weight modern outdoor furniture and tables. Available from Stardust which offers contemporary outdoor furniture to interiors designers, hotels, restaurants and public spaces. This stylish range of designer outdoor furniture includes chairs and tables that are fully modular. For your own garden project or even a large commercial contract application, this series of modern benches are the perfect choice. Dune visualizes the present material-technical maximum parametres of the fiber-cement material.

The result is a highly stable structure with a load-carrying capacity way over the demanded requirement profile for public spaces. The rainwater flows through a hole in the seating surface to the inside of the loop where it is led directly out of the furniture through the curved bottom surface to dry the furniture as fast as possible. Many prototypes and a lot of research were necessary in order to get the maximum stability out of three-dimensional shaped fiber cement; eventually, the geometry of the chair supports its stability through its controlled expansion and compression of the material which results in a load-capacity of around 1980 lbs on the seating surface! Unless you have elephants in your backyard; that is plenty strong.