Copper Oil Cruet with Pourer - Olive Oil Pourers and Cruets - 17 or 34 Oz

Make world's best pasta and pizza with our 17-Ounce Copper Olive Oil Cruet/Drizzler w. Pourer. Incredibly versatile, this long-curved (copper) dinner-kitchen cruets add a distinctive finishing touch to your table setting. A tasteful motif inspired by those used in Napoli's original Pizzerias, copper detail finishes adorn this artistic cruet that will please even the most serious chef, whether you live in Napoli, New York or California. 

Pizza Napoletana

Cruets are highly admired in Italy and have been used for centuries.  It is a staple in every Italian kitchen!  Italians take price in craftsmanship and the classic Italian oil pourer can still be found in many Italian kitchens.

la mamma
The art of pizza; pizza napoletana is a sacred tradition in Italy
This is one of the oil cruets that is being used in Franco Pepe's 'Pepe In Grani' (Caiazzo Campania) uses. Make sure to watch Emeril Lagasse's new "Eat the World" show. 17 or 34 ounce capacity. Each cruet is a "one off" unique piece, made from real copper by master coppersmiths. 

No two of these will every be exactly alike. Please note that due to this peculiar uniqueness, customer must be able to accept minor imperfections that are normal for unique hand made objects. Packaged in a simple white box, it makes a welcome gift for any occasion.