Mid-Century Modern Wall Weaving a-la Alexander Calder

Before there was Virgin Galactic: Wernher von Braun's 'Space Station' Design from 1952

Lampampe™ Table Lamp - Paper/Steel : Ingo Maurer

Photography of the Grand Central Terminal 100 Year Anniversary - New York City

Classic™ Tolomeo Lamp - Aluminum/Steel : Artemide

Willy Guhl Loop Table: Mid-Century Modern Swiss Furniture Design - Outdoor Furniture - Natural Concrete

Artemide Demetra Lamp: Table/Desk/Task Lamp - LED - Black

Mid-Century Black&White Modern Photography by Gyorgy Kepes (György Kepes), Modernist Hungarian-Born Photographer

TOLOMEO Wall spot lamp Micro Sized - Bedside Reading Light - Aluminum

Desk Lamps: FLOS Kelvin LED Orange Limited Edition - Orange