Designing a lamp: the making of Ipparco

Ipparco Table Lamp, designed by Neil Poulton for Artemide.
Neil Poulton's new Ipparco Table Lamp sure is no flash in the pan!  This brilliant table lamp avaiable from Stardust shines bright and is by far the coolest table lamp we have ever come across!  Introduced at Euroluce, Ipparco took center stage and gathered lots of attention.  Neil Poulton is a Scottish product designer, based in Paris, France.  He specializes in the design of 'deceptively simple-looking mass-produced objects' and has won numerous international design awards.  

 Neil Poulton's latest creation is Ipparco which he named after the famed 2nd Century Greek Astronomer.  Ipparco is a minimal and functional table/desk/task lamp for the business or the home office.   What is imperative in the design of the Artemide Ipparco Lamp is the careful reflection upon function and form in equal measure.  Ipparco features a powerful magnet which allows its ring-shaped light source to be positioned anywhere on the structure and to put the halo of light in any vertical or horizontal direction, giving its user total flexibility in the direction of the light.  

The versatile Artemide Ipparco Table Lamp is perfect when used as an office desk lamp but also makes a great bedside reading light.  Its light output is plenty strong as well: its 8.5W green LED light corresponds to a 60W incandescent light bulb and provides 540 lumens and 3000 K of warm white light.

Ipparco; now available from Stardust with Free Shipping and a Low Price Guarantee.