Unique Essey Crinkled Desktop Pen/Pencil Holder - Pen Holder

Unique Essey Crinkled Desktop Pen/Pencil Holder - Pen Holder - The Essey Crinkled Cup 'Pen Pen' Pencil Cup Holder is the perfect desktop organizer for your pens and pencils.  The Pen Pen Crinkled Cup pencil holder is functional and visually striking addition to any workspace to store pens and pencils. In essence a shrunken version of the ever so clever Bin Bin waste paper basket by the same designer, the White Essey Pen Pen pencil holder offers you a stylish and humorous means of keeping your desk surface clutter free. This is for organizing all your miscellaneous pens, pencils and other stuff without looking out of place amongst your other stationery related desk accessories. With a body designed to give the appearance of crumpled paper, the Essey Pen Pen in white is actually totally solid, made out of resilient polyethylene. This designer desk tidy is perfect for the business or home office desk, providing you with a functional sculpture and conversation piece. 

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