DUFFEL Huis - Modern House by BULKarchitecten: Architecture in Belgium

The art of simplicity. We love this beautiful new modernist house in Belgium which was designed/constructed as a tribute to Belgium's groundbreaking modernist architecture of the 1960s and early 1970s by luminary Belgian architects Paul Neefs, Lou Jansen and Vanhout-Schellekens Architects who constructed numerous buildings in the Turnhout region. Annelies and Steven, owners of the 'Duffel House' loved the style from this period but were unable to find a house they could renovate. After a long and fruitless search, they opted to purchase a vacant lot instead and hired BULKarchitecten to construct a new, yet classic example of Belgian modernism. The house features 9 square living spaces, a slightly sunken living room and a kitchen that looks like a classic Mondrian or De Stijl-era painting. The natural concrete ceiling creates a relaxing element and works sound-absorbing. If you love modern design, check out Stardust

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