Vitra Designer Modernist 1950s Sunburst Clocks: Wall Clock

The quintessential mid-century modern wall clock! The Sunburst Clock multicolor is widely considered to be one of George Nelson's most beloved design creations. George Nelson is the recognized pioneer of modern wall timepiece designs. Nelson created over 150 iconic clocks and the Sunburst multicolor clock is the most recognized of his works. Nelson used pure color and bold yet whimsically modern shapes in his wall clocks. The Iconic Sunburst design displays these classic modern design traits beautifully. If your goal is to create a "Modern" space, this clock is an affordable focal point to build upon. Compare the details anywhere. Stardust offers the highest quality architecturally accurate and fully authorized Vitra edition of George Nelson's Sunburst clock updated with modern quartz timekeeping. 

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