Ultra-Modern Structures S7 LED Lamp - LED Floor Lamp - Directional Floor Light

A floor lamp, bedside lamp and reading lamp all in one, the Structures S7 is a versatile new lighting design by Structures available from Stardust. Founded by sailor turned designer Nicolas Pichelin, Structures developed the fascinating and flexible LED lamp to have an interchangeable head which can be rotated 360 degrees. This ultra versatile lamp is being sold by Stardust Modern Design is one of our green picks from New York Design Week this year. Nicolas Pichelin is a nautical engineer (and a direct descendent of Jules Verne) with a great sense of adventure who has proven himself as a competitive performance sailor. Self-challenging, he circled the world in a maxi-catamaran in 63 days to satisfy a need to put his ideas into action. Since his retirement from racing, he has turned to the challenge of solving technically difficult art installations and holds several patents for his innovative solutions. In the process, Pichelin designed the S7 LED lamp and the company Structures to manufacture it as his first commercial industrial design project.

Just like a snake, the S7 achieves its stability from a coil at its base, while the top half can be extended, coiled and even intertwined. It is constructed in two parts – a flexible body and a lamp head, that are connected via a patented electromagnetic attachment system, so that they can be bent and shaped as desired. The head contains 8 3W high efficiency LED lights, which the body is made of composite materials ensuring power efficiency as well as durability. We not only love the flexibility of choosing the shape and the lamp head, but also how the lamp embodies the sleekness of the LEDs. 

How the S7 lamp operates: The S7 lamp has two parts – a body and the lamp head – that are connected via a patented electromagnetic attachment system, so that you can bend and shape it as you like. You'd like to change a decor or need a different type of lighting for your office, living room or bedroom? A patented, ultra-simple connection system lets you change the lamp head, but also pivot it 360 degrees to obtain the perfect lighting angle. Structures will soon bring out a collection of lamp heads that can be changed at will, with a simple click of your S7 lamp. The S7 consists of a flexible structural tube that can be shaped into the form desired by the user, who can continually modify the lamp’s profile. Manufactured from composite materials, it will not alter or age over time; it is the material of an abstract sculpture, which can comfortably illuminate a 20 square-meter room, with five lighting levels. 360° rotatable, adjustable height, sculptural standing lamp, reading lamp or bedside lamp. 2700K, 8 LEDs, 24V 350mA. 

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