Circling Swallows Clock - Modern Swallow Clock - White

Simply beautiful white circling flying swallows clock. This is a truly beautiful decorative swallow wall clock- with 12 delicate flying swallows cast in resin flying in a circle around the time piece. The swallows symbolize luck and hope, and replace the ordinary numbers on a clock. The swallows could also be used on their own to make a beautiful wall decoration. This lovely Circling Swallows Clock is timepiece and artwork/mini-sculpture all rolled into one and will add just the right amount of texture and interest to the wall. The finely detailed flying swallows are cast in resin, and as well as looking beautiful also represent luck and hope, which are fine things to be reminded of whenever we check the time. The 3-D birds cast interesting shadows, so if you place the clock somewhere that gets a lot of natural light, the shadows will change throughout the day like a sundial, adding another subtle dimension. The clock comes with a mounting template that shows you where to position the swallows, which are applied to the (grease and dust-free) wall with little sticky pads. The clock mechanism is easily wall mounted using a screw. You could also, of course, use the swallows by themselves as wall art, in any arrangement you choose. They look simple and elegant on a white wall, but would also look stunning set against a dark neutral or a brighter hue – more decisions! There are easy to assemble instructions, a mounting template for the swallows and sticky pads for each bird to stick to the wall. Please note your wall sould be clean and dust & grease free for the stickers to stick properly. The clock mechanism needs to be wall mounted. 1 x AA battery required. Not included.The clock’s available online from Stardust with free shipping.