Shop stylish Mid-Century Modern Pendant Lighting Fixtures. Our eclectic modern suspension lamps provide exciting lighting possibilities for every room in your home. It's a perfect accent light for any space, from hallways to dining rooms. In the wide selection of mid-century modern lighting designs, the classic saucer lamp remains one of the most iconic in the Stardust bubble lamp series. With its simple, sculptural shape and abundant diffused light, the George Nelson Saucer Lamp is an icon of modern design. Fresh and futuristic when first introduced in 1948, our handcrafted contemporary fixtures are an easy update for modern and traditional homes. Nelson said that for a designer to deal creatively with human needs, "he must first make a radical, conscious break with all values that he identifies as anti-human". Designers must also be constantly aware of the consequences of their actions on people and society. In fact, he declared that "total design is nothing more or less than a process of relating everything to everything". So he said that rather than specialising, designers must cultivate a broad base of knowledge and understanding. Buy Stardust Saucer Bubble Pendant Light by George Nelson from, part of our range of modern designer and contemporary designer lights. Nelson Bubble Lamp Saucer is available in four sizes.