MODEL 1095 by Gino Sarfatti - Flos Floor Lamp

Designed by Gino Sarfatti in 1968, the Model 1095 Floor Lamp from Flos Lighting emits indirect light. Model 1095 is composed of a slate grey painted tubular aluminium stem with small reflective cups painted white which match the aluminium base cover. This statuesque Flos floor lamp illuminates an entire room with cool indirect light. Integrated seamlessly within Sarfatti’s classic, stalk-like design is a patented water cooling system that enables powerful LEDs to shine with the same intensity and quality as the halogen bulbs used in the original design. Made in Italy by Flos. The Flos Lighting Model 1095 Floor Lamp is available in 3 sizes.

Model 1095 is part of the Flos Gino Sarfatti lighting collection available from Stardust. "Re-lighting Gino Sarfatti" is a project that Flos began in 2012 honoring the 100th anniversary of the designer's birth year. Gino Sarfatti was one of the most prolific Italian lighting designers of the 20th century – with a career that spanned three decades, the designer created over 600 lamps through his brand Arteluce that was founded in 1939. Flos purchased Arteluce in 1973 and, with that acquisition, all of the rights to produce any of these important designs. However, unlike the plethora of other 20th century lighting “reissues” by various manufacturers over the past two decades, Flos challenged itself not only to re-create the original forms of the lamps, but to integrate – indeed, literally "re-light" – each with contemporary LED illumination technology. This challenge was formidable and required extraordinary research and development to enable the resulting inaugural collection that features five different typologies. The Mod 548 and Mod 607 table lamps, Mod 1063 and Mod 1095 floor lamps, and Mod 2129 suspension lamp characteristically evoke the salient aesthetic styles of 1950s midcentury modernism through the neo-rationalism of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Beyond the engineering required to create Sarfatti's "re-lit" forms, given that the physical bulbs themselves – halogen, fluorescent, and incandescent – were the original impetus for Sarfatti's functionalist aesthetics, Flos had to diligently ponder the reasons for re-creating these historic designs. Stardust applauds the manufacturer’s thoughtful choice of an appropriately contemporary illumination source.

FLOS 1095 Gino Sarfatti Floor Lamp