Alessi DIY Modular Noe Wine Rack Kits

Check out the Noe Wine Rack by Alessi.  Fully modular, Alessi's Noe Wine Rack is a stunning solution for storing your wine.  Noe makes a graphic visual reference to a bunch of grapes. This wine bottle storage system allows one to combine and stack modules in various ways that can be positioned vertically or horizontally. Noe comes in a box set of six elements, forming a base pyramid structure can be expanded upon with the addition of more pieces. made from thermoplastic resin, the bottle holder is available in black, dark red and white. This modular wine rack from Alessi is more than just a pretty kitchen accessory; it has a most clever, modular trick up its sleeves Each of the six "U" shapes is actually a separate component, designed to clip on top of each other. This allows for the Alessi Noe Wine Rack to grow and adapt, in tune with your expanding wine collection. Just grab a second set of components, connect them up to your first set, and you're away! When you purchase 2 or more sets, the modular nature of the Alessi Noe wine bottle holder allows you to create a wide range of different configurations, from tall pyramid-style formations, to wide wine-rack-walls.