ECLISSE™ Lamp - White/Orange: Artemide - Home & Lighting

Eclisse by Artemide resembles the moon with its different phases; waxing crescent, full or waning crescent. The Artemide Eclisse lamp is a Compasso d'Oro award-winning table lamp with white, orange or silver grey painted metal diffuser. The Eclisse Lamp emits both direct and diffused incandescent light, the lamp has an incorporated rotatable shield in white lacquered steel which allows the light source to be regulated and even eclipsed if needed. The Eclisse Lamp has an on/off switch on the power cord. Exhibited at the finest musea in the world including the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MoMA), The Denver Art Museum and Musée des Arts Dècoratifs de Montréal. 

Image Credits: © artemide & modern design for the home  all rights reserved