FLOS 2129 Lamp by Gino Sarfatti - 2129 Light - Flos Lighting

Gino Sarfatti. Ceiling light, model no. 2129, c. 1971. Tubular Perspex, painted metal. 145 cm (57 1/8 in) drop. Manufactured by Flos, Italy. Inner rim of shade with Flos logo. Re-lighting Gino Sarfatti Edition N° 1 by FLOS, 2013. Floor Lamp No.2129 (Arteluce, 1969-1971). ach lamp of the new line is based on LEDs and the handsome marriage of contemporary, energy-saving light sources with retro form. "Re-lighting" Gino Sarfatti, or rather bringing his work back to light, appeared to Flos as a fitting and captivating challenge. It is fitting because Sarfatti was probably the greatest Italian lighting designer. Active between 1939 and 1973, Sarfatti renovated and updated traditional typologies and invented new functions for light, designing over 600 lamps and light fittings that were all produced by Arteluce, the company he founded in 1939 and sold to Flos in 1973. This legacy posed a responsibility that could no longer be left on the shelf. “Re-lighting” Sarfatti, however, also represents a fascinating challenge. Starting from the premise that his designs were conceived with the components and resources at his disposal – each time adopting the latest light sources, from fluorescent tubes to the Cornalux bulb and the first halogens – reproposing his models in updated versions necessarily involved a consideration of the resources available today. Indeed, we must not forget that in lighting design, unlike furniture, technological innovation advances at a dizzying pace, driven by specific laws and the public’s acquired sense of refinement. A second argument emerges here outlining the need to “re-light” Gino Sarfatti. While many of the pieces he designed still appear incredibly contemporary in terms of their forms and the physical-psychological relationship with the user, the same evaluation could no longer hold true from the perspective of lighting technology. Detracting nothing from the integrity of the lamps’ original forms, it was essential to bring these objects into the present day, “re-lighting” them by adopting cutting-edge LED technology, which had to be introduced with the utmost sophistication yet without being invasive. Through a long and complex endeavour, today a first set of lamps designed by Gino Sarfatti finally make their return to light up our homes and, in doing so, tell us something about him.