Panton® Classic Chair, Red

Profondo Rosso
A Tribute to an Icon

We at Stardust Modern Design are madly in love with the icons of modern design and have an almost unhealthy obsession with the ultimate design chair: the Panton Chair.  The Verner Panton s-shaped chair dubbed the "Panton Chair" stands out as one of the finest examples of Space Age design (the period between 1968-1972).  This free flowing and gently curving sensually shaped chair has achieved absolute cult status and is rightfully so included in the collection of MoMA.  With a shape that is as sexy as it is comfortable, the strikingly different Panton Chair has captured the hearts (and behinds) of many, including ours.  You certainly know you have arrived from the moment you own a Panton Chair.  The feeling is utter bliss.  
These beautiful images capture the classic Panton Chair, finished in lipstick-red, at its finest hour.  Enjoy!

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