Part I/IV
The First Sign.  Something was amiss.  
Skies turned technicolor blue.  
Donald Judd's mirror image appeared in the window.

Part II/IV
Closing In.  Minimalist gathering in the Skies above. 
Donald Judd's Marfa Boxes Teleported from outer Space. 
Sound of Silence.

Invader Games.
The Reverse Order of Negative Space.
Structural Clarity.

Part IV/IV
Final Fantasy.
Opulent Minimalism Redefined.
Prada Marfa minimalized into Oblivion.

 Interpreting the matter.  Our Prada Marfa Donald Judd Mix-Up Project.  Prada Marfa is the infamous faux boutique displaying luxury bags and shoes in the middle of the sparse Texas landscape where locals love the unload their guns. Created in 2005 by artist duo Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset.  Recreated by Stardust 2012 though the eyes of Donald Judd.

Invader Games at Prada Marfa presented by Stardust